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40 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes To Live By


Happy Wednesday!

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love a good inspirational quote. They’re like little mantras we tell ourselves throughout the day. They inspire us to take action and change our life for the better. Like sipping water when we’re thirsty, we read quotes when we need a little extra love and light.

For today, I’ve went ahead and made a list of 40 of the best inspirational quotes on the internet that are so important to live by. They’re important to remember in both the good times and the bad. Most of these are from Pinterest and WeHeartit, I’ll have both of my pages linked below if you’d like to check them out for more quotes and pictures!

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5 Ways To Love Yourself In A World That Tries To Put You Down


Happy Wednesday!

On Monday I mentioned one of the healthy habits you can add into your life this year is to take some time for yourself and love yourself a bit more.

It’s no secret that we live in a world filled with high expectations. Living in the digital-age has made it very easy to compare ourselves to other people. The truth is, as much as we know we should, it’s hard to love yourself when you’re constantly bombarded with images of perfection and impossible standards.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at in your life, we can all benefit from a little more self-love.

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A Collection of Moments

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“Life is a collection of moments.”

The other day, I came across a quote that read this.

For some reason, it caused me to pause mid-day and contemplate the meaning of this on a deeper level… all during my break at work ( Nothing like questioning the existence and meaning of life during your average day in the office. ) In any case, anything this impactful must be looked at on a deeper level in my book.

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Humans are Weird – Life is Weird

Humans are weird

I’ve been thinking lately – the most ironic thing about life is that humans spend so much time preparing for it, trying to fix it, complaining about it, or being too busy to even live it. In reality, the moments that mean the most and the situations that inspire us are those moments that we are just at peace, living completely in the moment. Could life really be that simple?

When we were children, each day was an adventure. What If we lived today and each day with that same mindset of curiosity and wonder? How amazing would life be if our main goal was to just wakeup and enjoy each day? I think that in today’s society, it’s almost seen as irresponsible to enjoy life. For some, even the thought simply enjoying the day brings up excuses like ” I can’t do this because ___ ” or ” Yeah, that easier said than done. It’s almost impossible to enjoy life when ____ ” It’s so unfortunate that we’re taught to set ourselves up for life and not live it. It’s not considered “normal” to live with the sole purpose to create something beautiful for the sake of enjoyment, make art daily, and spend time with loved ones. But why not?

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Living A Balanced Life



We all wear many “hats” and play many roles in our everyday lives. Right now, I am a Marketing Manager, Coach, Student, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Blogger, Dancer, Vegan, and more. Each of these roles requires different aspects of my personality. I’ve noticed lately that it’s easy for me to get caught up in only one or two of these roles and spend less energy on the others. Life gets un balanced when we have multiple roles demanding our attention at the same time and we give too much of our attention to one of the “roles.”

So then the question arises; How do you find balance in life?

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24 Most Important Life Lessons I Learned at 24

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I feel like 24 is a scary age because your no longer young, yet you are not quite an adult.  Your youthful days of going out are coming to an end and you come to terms with the fact that in 6 years you will be 30. Honestly growing up I always thought at 24 I would have my degree and I would be married. Isn’t it funny how life never goes how you pictured? This year is a special birthday since it is my golden birthday. Part of me wishes I was going on a beautiful cruise around the carribean sipping green juice and laying in the sun. But instead, I am sitting infront of this computer writing this blog post. Maybe this is where I am meant to be. I wanted to create something special for my golden so I’m going back and recalling the 24 most important life lessons I have learned. I hope that by sharing what I have learned it may help you remember the important lessons that life is always trying to teach you.

These are definitely not the only ones. I feel like we are always learning each day, but these lessons have shaped who I am as a person.


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8 Ways To Get Cozy For Fall

Cozy for fall final


I was actually thinking the other day that I don’t know exactly what it is about fall and why I get so overly excited about it. I think it’s partly because my birthday is in September and partly because fall means new beginnings; plus, the holidays are right around the corner.

Regardless of the reasons why, saying I’m obsessed with fall would be an understatement. Crisp cool air, overcast skies, crunchy leaves, lattes, sleeping in, candles, pumpkins, scarves, boots. Honestly what else is could you want in life? Unfortunately, where I live I don’t get the full experience of the autumn season. But, that doesn’t means I can’t get cozy for fall. I’m in the process of getting ready for this season and I thought I would share my process with you and give you some ideas on how you can get cozy for the fall. These are all things that anyone can do, regardless of where you live. I’m so excited because this is going to be the first post in my #HelloFall series. I’m going to be sharing fall inspired recipes, diy’s, and fashion ideas in the next few weeks! For now, here are eight ways you can prepare yourself for this gorgeous season.

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