About Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I write articles about health, productivity and self-love.

This blog is for anyone on a self-growth journey.

A little about me:

I’m your average 25 year old girl living in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

My hobbies: Drinking coffee, eating smoothie bowls, exploring new  places, petting random dogs, yoga, planning, reading, and running.

Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with learning about different ways to live life to it’s fullest potential. I believe that life is meant to be celebrated and people are meant to thrive, not just survive. Each of us are all capable of greatness and abundance, and the biggest accomplishment you can achieve in life is to live a life of purpose, whatever that means for you.

I hope you leave here with a little light, inspiration, and love.

Thank you so much for stopping by!