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Starting Fresh – 20 Ways To Hit The Reset Button On Life

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Have you been feeling like life has been a bit dull? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop doing the same thing over and over again, wearing the same clothes since high school, listening to the same music, and feeling so bored. Honestly, this happens to all of us. We’re creatures of habit. That’s why every few months (or once every season), I like to do a life reset.

A  reset doesn’t necessarily need to be picking up and moving to a different location (as much as we might want to, sometimes), it just requires taking some extra time to intentionally reset your mind, body, and spirit so that you feel you have control of your life and are continuing to stay inspired.

Not only that, but doing a small reset every now and then keeps clutter from building up around you and ensures that small things that have been placed on the back burner aren’t being forgotten.

I recommend setting a reminder once every few months (my reminder is usually just when I change my seasonal decor) to whip out this list and just spend a few days giving your life a makeover, this way you can avoid ever feeling behind and uninspired!


Below are some ways you can do a reset with your life:


  • Seasonal cleaning: Clean up all those areas that you don’t get to daily, weekly, or monthly. (Click HERE to download my free checklist)


  • Clean out wallet/purse: Throw away receipts, change out wallet/purse.


  • Set goals: Set personal goals for the next few months! What are some areas of your life you want to change? What do you want to accomplish?


  • Get your finances in check: Go through your statements and make sure you’re not subscribed to anything you don’t know about, evaluate spending habits, save a bit more, budget for upcoming trips, etc.


  • Phone reset: Organize/delete/update phone apps and close out old safari tabs, bring your mail inbox to ZERO (so satisfying).


  • Computer reset: Empty trash, clear icons from desktop, change desktop background, disinfect the keyboard!


  • Evaluate your morning/night routine. Switch things up/wake up earlier, go to bed earlier, start a new healthy habit each morning, etc.


  • Switch up your food. Try something new and make some new recipes, eat healthier where you can and drink more water!


  • Revamp your space: Rearrange furniture, decorate for the new season, hang some cozy lights, etc


  • Treat yourself: Buy that cool new gadget you’ve been eyeing, book a fun trip, take yourself out. You’ve earned it!


  • Wardrobe reset: Get some new clothes, reorganize closet, get rid of un-matching socks.


  • Style reset: Look up some cute new styles on Pintrest, try a different makeup look, dye your hair.


  • Self care: Get a facial, massage, eyebrow threading, mani/pedi, haircut, etc. Take a little extra time to pamper yourself.


  • Workout routine: Try a new way of working out. Go to a yoga class or start running. Give your body some variation!


  • Evaluate relationships: Get rid of toxic friendships and show extra appreciation to your support team by doing something nice for them!


  • Evaluate habits: Have you picked up biting your nails? Eating late at night? It’s time to deal with the unconscious habits you’ve picked up the last few months.


  • Health: Make any doctors appointments that you may be due for (I recommend keeping track of your appointments! It can get overwhelming trying to remember the last dentist, Gyno, and physical check-up!)


  • Social Media: Change bio, profile picture, unfollow toxic people, follow cool accounts 🙂


  • Music : Find cool new songs/artists and make new playlists!


  • Bucketlist: Make a Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, bucket list of festive things to do! BBQ in summer, Ice Skating in winter, etc


I hope that this list gives you some inspiration on ways you can reset your life when you’re feeling a bit stagnant. You can get as crazy (or not) as you want with this and some things may not work for you, so I encourage you to think of your own ways to give your life a makeover. If you liked this post don’t forget to like and share! Follow my blog for more articles on self love, health, and productivity. 🙂

Do you have things you like to do to reset your life? If so, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear more ideas.





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