These 9 Desk Hacks Will Make You So Much More Productive

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There’s nothing worse than feeling super motivated to get work done and all of the sudden, you sit down at your desk and find that you can’t even think because of how much clutter is around you. If you’ve ever tried to study or work in a chaotic and noisy environment, then you know it’s pretty much impossible to focus and be creative.

We spend so much of our life at our desks and most of the time, pay little attention to how they affect our productivity. Most of the time, our desks are just a constant reminder of all the tedious things that we need to get done and don’t want to do.

Creating a workspace that inspires and motivates you will, believe it or not, make you actually excited to sit down and get some work done.

In any case, here’s 9 desk hacks to make you so much more productive.

1. Change Up The Lighting

Lighting is so important when it comes to boosting productivity. There’s really no need to make your office space feel like a prison. If the room is dark and gloomy, your mood will most likely be dark and gloomy. Place your desk by a window, get a desk lamp, and/or hang some string lights around your desk.

2. Light A Candle

There’s a reason that when we think of all things cozy, candles are one of the first things that come to mind. Set the mood and light a candle before you’re about to start working. It’ll definitely chill you out and help you think better.

3. Clear The Space

I know that some people say chaos reflects creativity, but in my opinion a cluttered desk just brings with it a huge headache. It’s much better to sit down to a clean desk with nothing on it. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to work, try clearing off all pencils, papers, and miscellaneous items off your desk.

4. But First, Coffee

Always start with some liquid motivation. Brew yourself some coffee or tea, and take it with you to your desk. Does this one really need more explanation?

5. Hang Some Inspiring Pictures/ Quotes

Find some pictures or quotes on the internet that make you smile and hang them above your desk! You can find them on Instagram, WeHeartit, Tumblr, or Pintrest. If you missed my last post, I shared some of the best inspirational quotes so go ahead and check it out after you’re done reading this if you’re interested!

6. Plants!

Plants have been shown to improve air quality, decrease stress, and make the room more comfortable. According to a study in the “Journal of Environmental Horticulture,” interior plants helped people complete tasks with more focus and efficiency. If you have a history of killing plants within a day, like me, a fake plant does the trick.

7. Hang Up Your Goals

It’s one thing to write your goals down and never see them again, but it’s another to have them hanging in front of your face daily, reminding you of why you’re actually sitting down and working in the first place. This is a great trick for when you’re feeling especially unmotivated and looking for excuses to do anything other than work.

8. Keep Snacks And Water At Hand

Getting into the zone and having to pause to get up because you’re hungry is such an easy excuse to get distracted from doing work. It’s impossible to be productive when you don’t even have enough glucose to your brain. Keep some healthy snacks ( walnuts have been shown to support brain health ) with you at your desk and eat them while you work. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, too! Having a water bottle on your desk will remind you to drink it!

9. Play Relaxing Music

Music just makes everything better, and I find that playing relaxing music helps me clear my mind and creates an atmosphere to be more focused and creative. I know some people say that it’s a distraction so if you’re one of those people, try listening to music without lyrics. You’d be surprised how much more productive you can be when your brain has that white noise in the background. I’ll have some of my favorite Spotify playlists linked down below.


I hope this gave you the motivation you need to get some more productive work done and revamp your workspace! Thanks for reading! If you liked this post don’t forget to give it a like. Comment if you have any tips you like to help your desk feel more productive and don’t forget to share this with someone who you think could benefit from changing up their workspace!

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Some Spotify Playlists To Increase Productivity… ❤




3 thoughts on “These 9 Desk Hacks Will Make You So Much More Productive

  1. Fabulous article! I’ve never thought about lighting a candle, but probably because my desk isn’t clear! Too much could go up in smoke!


  2. Great post! I especially love the candles and plants and practice this myself. They really get you in the mood. I also agree with lighting. For me, working in a well lit room really gets me in the mood to work.


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