14 Doable Ways To Sneak In Exercise If You Hate The Gym


So, it’s now two weeks into January and if you haven’t used your newly-purchased gym membership once this year, don’t feel too bad. The gym can be an overwhelming place filled with confusing machines, overly-enthusiastic body builders, and honestly, not enough personal space.

Luckily, there are still ways you can achieve your fitness goals without even stepping foot in a gym, if that’s not your thing.

Losers make excuses, winners make it happen! Ditch the excuses and get going.

Here are 14 ways to get moving that do not require a gym membership


1. Go For A Run

Obviously, theres always running, but you know that already. I know, I know, it’s not for everyone, but it’s the easiest way to get in some cardio without going to the gym, so it’s definitely worth mentioning.

2. Set A Timer On Your Phone To Move

This is perfect for you if you have a desk job. Set a timer to go off on your phone every hour to remind you to get up and do some moving around! You can walk to the restroom or go to the water fountain, as long as you get up off your desk. You might find you’re even more productive when you come back now that your blood is flowing.

3. Park On The Top Floor

If you’re feeling committed to a leg workout, try to park on the top floor of parking structures and take the stairs up and down. If you make this a habit, you’ll be sneaking in more extra cardio than you realize throughout the year.

4. Park Far Away

This is the same concept as above, just a little less intense. Whenever you’re out running errands, park in the furthest away from the store. Bonus – you can avoid some road-rage because most people would rather circle around for 15 minutes in the front than park so far away.

5. Exercise While Your Food Heats up

Whether its push-ups, jumping jacks, or sit-ups, use the minute and a half to three minutes that your food is heating up to get in some exercise. I mean, what else are you going to do during this time anyways? The best part is your food is waiting for you when you’re done! Instant reward.

6. Only Commit To 10 Minutes

If the thought of spending an hour exercising is totally off-putting and keeping you from even starting, then tell yourself you only need to workout for 10 minutes. Once those 10 minutes are up, you can either keep going or stop. Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part and if you choose to stop, 10 minutes is better than nothing.

7. Walk The Dog

Dogs need exercise too, and what better excuse to spend time with your furry friend than taking them for a short 30 min walk. You can both enjoy some fresh air and bonding time.

8. Talking On The Phone While Walking

Instead of sitting down when you take a phone call, just stand up and walk around. Even if it’s just pacing back and forth. If you’re feeling up for it, go for a short walk outside and take the phone call and bring the dog.

9. Take Up Gardening

Channel your inner green thumb and take up gardening as a hobby. According to an article published in Daily Mail, a mere half an hour weeding can burn up to 150 calories.

10. Do An At-Home Workout

There are an endless amount of at-home workouts out there that will help you get fit without even stepping foot in the gym. YouTube has plenty of free videos for any type of workout your heart desires. Blogilates, Ballet Beautiful, and Sarah’s Day have some of my favorite workouts.

11. Buy A Bike

If you live in a place where this is possible, try biking places instead of driving. Especially for small errands, this is a fun way to get in cardio and get some things done at the same time.

12. Wear Ankle Weights

If you strap on some ankle weights in the morning and go about your daily activities, you’ll be getting a little extra resistance in during the day. Except, maybe skip this one if you’re planning on wearing shorts and sandals, unless you don’t mind a few weird looks.

13. Dance In Your Room

When in doubt, dance it out. Put on your favorite music and just dance alone in your kitchen or living room. You’ll feel free, have fun, and burn some calories.

14. Clean Your House

This one is a complete win-win. Take an afternoon to get down and scrub the floor, wash the counters, and vacuum. It might not sound glamorous but hey, it’s actually an effective way to exercise. Plus, when you’re done, your house is tidy and you can enjoy the zen atmosphere.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you combine a few of these tricks into your daily routine, your body will thank you.

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8 thoughts on “14 Doable Ways To Sneak In Exercise If You Hate The Gym

  1. I guess a great tip would be to mix up your exercises and schedule. I used to run for years but in October I started attending classes of Booty Barre and now I’m very into it. I will include running again in springtime so that it doesn’t get too repetitive.


  2. Love all of these. I hate going to the gym (and group fitness classes) but still feel like I get plenty of exercise and live a very active life. Mostly due to following many of these tips! Thanks for sharing!


  3. These are all great ideas even for someone who is a gym member. If everyone could realize how much better they would feel if they made a regular exercise routine, they would be hooked. But laziness gets the best of all of us!


  4. Now that I live in place where gym is 1 hour away I prefer bike and running. Maybe I should try work out in my home sometimes. Great suggestions!


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