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A Collection of Moments

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“Life is a collection of moments.”

The other day, I came across a quote that read this.

For some reason, it caused me to pause mid-day and contemplate the meaning of this on a deeper level… all during my break at work ( Nothing like questioning the existence and meaning of life during your average day in the office. ) In any case, anything this impactful must be looked at on a deeper level in my book.

As I was reflecting on this quote, I was caught getting lost in memories of my Hawaii trip this summer, and thinking about what made the most impact on me.

I came to the realization that it wasn’t the extravagant beauty of the island. It wasn’t the  meditation temple or the gorgeous acers of fruit trees and gardens. Although they were beautiful, none the less, that’s not what touched my heart most.

What I hold the most dear about my trip are the simple moments that came with it; the conversations at 12am with late guests who checked in, the sound of the coqui frogs singing me to sleep every night, the time I spent in the kitchen with other work-traders, simply chopping vegetables and sharing our dreams. It’s like this with anything in life. The small collection of moments create the most beautiful story in the end.

I’m writing because I think realizations like this are important. Life is really just so simple and does not need to be complicated. It’s moments that touch your heart that matter most at the end of the day. The good and bad feelings, all mixed together into one art form called life. It’s love, joy, fear, and pain. it’s the feeling of the air on your skin on a cold night. I think a smile at a stranger and a conversation with a friend in passing write more boldly in your story than a check or promotion. These are the moments where we get lost in life and it’s the gift that was given to us at birth. The ability to experience.

I think, it’s so easy to get caught up in the tangible things that we can measure, and that’s ok because those things are important, as we’ve worked hard for them. However, we shouldn’t let these measures of success define our life as a whole. If we’re too busy getting caught up in our success story, we’ll miss out on whats happening now and forget to “tune-in” to what’s right in front of us. Although “now” may seem small in the sea of big dreams, this is what life is. This moment right now.

Even though this is especially easy to forget when wer’re feeling down, hopeless, or confused about what direction life is headed, know this too shall pass, as with everything.

Here’s a reminder to wake up each day with a grateful heart. Because the fact that you are alive is an absolure miracle. Collect some moments.

xo, Rachel


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