Day 4 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

day 4

Good Morning,

Do you ever have those mornings where you wakeup and you’re already in such a good mood? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the weekend, or maybe it’s because my brother is here from out of town. Regardless, I can tell that today is going to be a great day!

On my drive up to visit my family, my thoughts centered around the idea of selfishness. Selfishness, not in the sense of self love or self care, but in the desire to achieve personal gain and recognition in every situation.

I can say that I am definitely guilty of this. If left to my own devises, I have a very competitive nature. I’ve always thrived on challenges and pushing myself to be the best in the room – whether that be the best employee, student, dancer, or whatever other role i’ve taken on. Although this is not wrong to want to achieve maximum success and greatness, I’ve come to realize that it’s much more fulfilling ( and often more difficult ) to take away your ego and focus your attention on helping other people achieve success, rather than hoarding all the greatness for yourself. By doing this, you are allowing others to shine without feeling the need to “one up” them.  It can also be scary, because having others shine before you can sometimes feel like you have been left behind in a crowd of people.

In order to genuinely help other succeed ( and not expect anything in return ) we must realize that we have enough, and we are enough in this very moment. When we come to acceptance with our current state of being, the desire to achieve more fades away and we are able to give much more freely because, well, we simply don’t need anything more than what we currently have.

This idea reminds me of a powerful quote I once read –

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

That’s all for this morning, time for another cup of coffee. ❤

Have a beautiful day,

xo Rachel



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