Day 2 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Hi friends,

I almost didn’t write today because i’m feeling kind of tired this morning. ( Can you believe that, it’s only day 2 lol ) But i’ve got my cup of coffee and i’m ready to take on the day!

I was thinking a lot yesterday about something. I came across a situation where some people were talking negatively about others. Granted, in this particular situation the person they were talking negative about was being extremely rude and might have deserved it. However, talking verbal negativity about this person immediately brought down the mood of the group and seemed very pointless. It was not solving any issues directly, only creating slander and perhaps starting more issues. The actual situation they were mad about was over for 30 minutes but they continuously brought up how the person was wrong and how “stupid” they were. This made me come to a realization…

I believe that when we talk negatively about other people in the form of gossip, it actually is more harmful to us because we are the ones who are projecting that negativity into the universe and in turn, the universe is bringing us back situations that are similar to that. It only makes sense because that’s what our energy is focused on. It’s not just going to magically give us positive people if we only see the negatives. I’ve come across people who pretty much use gossiping as a hobby, basically looking for reasons to talk bad about others -and then wonder who people are always treating them bad or why life seems to be so unfair towards them. The opposite is true as well, I know people have a vibrant light within them that radiates outward! This light has such a vulnerability and purity behind it, and I think that’s because their thoughts are pure and positive. They see the best in the world and in others. Have you ever come across someone who you immediately trust and someone you immediately don’t?

Theres obviously a difference between talking bad about someone, and standing your ground. Im not suggesting that people become passive and ignorant of rude behavior, i’m just talking about the conversations that you are having with people on a day to day basis, have you ever examined the words that you exchange with others? It’s such a powerful tool for growth and development. It’s not just the conversations, even the thoughts that we have about other people are energy and thus propel us in a certain direction.

The next time you have a thought about someone who may have wronged you or someone who you might have previously talked negatively about ( for whatever reason ) try to wish them well instead of harm. Send mental gratitude that they gave you the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and hope that they find happiness in their life to stop hurting other people. It may sound cheesy, but by doing this it’s almost as if you focus less of your attention on the other person’s actions and bring your attention back to yourself. You’re taking back your power!

Well, that’s my thoughts and intention for the day. With that being said, I am sending everyone positive vibes! 🙂

Until tomorrow,

xo Rachel

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