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Humans are Weird – Life is Weird

Humans are weird

I’ve been thinking lately – the most ironic thing about life is that humans spend so much time preparing for it, trying to fix it, complaining about it, or being too busy to even live it. In reality, the moments that mean the most and the situations that inspire us are those moments that we are just at peace, living completely in the moment. Could life really be that simple?

When we were children, each day was an adventure. What If we lived today and each day with that same mindset of curiosity and wonder? How amazing would life be if our main goal was to just wakeup and enjoy each day? I think that in today’s society, it’s almost seen as irresponsible to enjoy life. For some, even the thought simply enjoying the day brings up excuses like ” I can’t do this because ___ ” or ” Yeah, that easier said than done. It’s almost impossible to enjoy life when ____ ” It’s so unfortunate that we’re taught to set ourselves up for life and not live it. It’s not considered “normal” to live with the sole purpose to create something beautiful for the sake of enjoyment, make art daily, and spend time with loved ones. But why not?


Perhaps our fear of living this way is that by living a life in enjoyment, we will actually start to realize our true nature and potential. We will realize that this whole time we have been denying ourselves of something wonderful, a beautiful way of looking at the world and interacting with it, and that realization will hurt us. It’s so much easier to continue in the discomfort and safety of what we are doing right now. I know that from experience.

I think it’s important to remember that there was once a time in life that was driven by pure love and not fear of future security. Once we get back to our true nature and start to live out of love, we will be forced to either act upon our greatness or live a life of ignorance to ourselves.

There is nothing inherently wrong with work or school, both are important for obvious reasons. What I don’t understand is when school becomes so stressful that it rips every ounce of joy from a person’s life. It’s like, why do we wake up each day and spend our precious time at a job that we hate, or being too busy to see loved ones? I know for me, for the longest time it just seemed normal to fill my day, hour by hour, with productive tasks. It was normal to be in a state of stress because that meant that ONE day, all my hard work will pay off and I will be happy. My straight A’s will bring me recognition from others and teachers, which will make me happy. My well paying job will bring me financial security, which will make me happy. The more clubs and activities I join, the better my resume will look. The more I workout, the more fit I will be. It seemed there was not enough time in the day to live how I felt I was supposed to.

However, the more busy my schedule was the more I felt I was doing the “right thing” and on the path to success. It was almost as if I was holding up a self constructed image of myself to the world, screaming “look at me, look at me!” I finally got to the point where I realized what I wanted most in life was not to have all the things I thought would make me successful, but to live a life where I had permission to just be free. Permission to do what I wanted and live the life I had always imagined. Live each day with an open mind and heart. I wanted to do things, not that my ego wanted, but that my soul craved. And I wanted someone to tell me that this was ok to live this way, even if it was just myself.

If you’re at a place right now where you feel so stressed in an area of your life – whether it be school, work, relationships, or any other pressure – know that IT IS ok to give yourself permission to adjust your life so that it lines up with your CURRENT happiness; not just future happiness. I have learned that sometimes, doing this will disappoint the people you love; but most of the time, its because the people you love just want you to be happy. They can only project onto you what THEY think will make you happy. At the end of the day, only you know what kind of life you want to live. Set your actions based in love and you will attract love, set your actions based in fear of the future and you will always be chasing a dream that will never manifest.

Today, remember that you deserve a life of abundance and happiness. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

Sending Love

xo Rachel

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