How to Change Your Life With Momentum

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Hello everyone!

I’m back from the dead! “insert laughing emoji here*

No but really, it has literally been FOREVER since I wrote a post. I’m not going to lie, the main reason is because I haven’t been as inspired now that my schedule is more full. Between school, work, and now dancing; I leave the house at 7:30am and get home at 10:30pm.

This is a huge change from last semester; where I had the majority of the mornings/ afternoons to myself. I am, however, thankful for my busy schedule because it forces me to be productive. Oddly enough, this is when I am the most at peace and relaxed.

The first three weeks of this semester were brutal, to say the least. I would come home each day and lay in bed stairing at the ceiling absolutely drained. It wasn’t that I dreaded going to class or doing these activities, I love my job and dancing is one of my passions. It’s just that it was such an extreme adjustment from doing nothing all winter break. It took everything I had to complete each day. I thought to myself, “how on earth am I going to do this for the next 15 weeks?!” Fastforward to now… having so much going on seems normal and effortless at this point. I leave my dance rehearsal at 10:30pm feeling energized and barely exhausted. This change got me thinking about the concept of momentum.

Every thought we have and action we take gains momentum over time, That’s why starting something new and stepping out of our comfort zone is incredibly challenging. I think we all know this, but if you actually take the time to sit down and think about it, it’s pretty empowering! At first, eating healthy, going to school, working out or changing any habit seems so difficult because it requires maximum effort. Your brain and muscles have no previous knowledge to work off of because nothing has been established yet. That’s when you remind yourself to just keep going and just keep doing it. New neural pathways will develop and your world will literally change right before your eyes.

I notice this pattern in every aspect of my life. For about three months straight I was going to Starbucks every day, at the same time, just out of mere habit. I was eating the same thing for breakfast. I read the same sort of books. Watched the same sort of movies, and even hung out with the same sort of people. Nevertheless, I always saw the same results. We all do this. Humans naturally develop habits in order to save time and energy. The key is to train yourself to develop the kind of habits YOU want, and not sit by to let life create your journey for you.

I love playing with this concept in my own life. It’s reassurement that you can actually live whatever kind of life you’d like. You just have to start, and keep going. It’s not naive to think that your dreams can come true, it’s actually legitimate. If you believe in something you keep doing it, and when you keep doing it then it comes true. Those who fail only do so because they don’t see progress and stop before their body gains momentum. It’s not because they are biologically inadequate or there is something innately wrong with them. The same goes for you.

How cool is that! Eventually, your body ( and even your biology ) will adapt to the change and you will build momentum towards whatever kind of life you would like to live. I think this is what makes successful people successful; or talented people talented. They practice the habits everyday that lead to the life that they are living and it seems effortless because, well, it is. It’s not because they were born that way.

Crazy to think about, but I thought I would share concept because thinking about this idea inspires me to make healthy choices each day and continue to step out of my comfort zone… Hopefully it will empower and inspire you the same way. Now if I can only develop the habits to allow me to do 32 fouetté turns and développé my leg to the ceiling in dance. Baby Steps… Baby Steps.

Have a cozy & beautiful Monday,

Rachel ❤


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