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My Travel Essentials + Tips/ Hacks


Hello Everyone! It has seriously been ages since I wrote a post! This semester has been a crazy one. Between work, school, and some major life transitions I found it hard to keep up posting regularly. Now that the semester is over ( thank god ) I plan to stick to a regular schedule.

With the holidays right around the corner, I know many people will be traveling. I personally will be visiting multiple cities in just under two weeks!  Plus, half of my family lives in Chicago and half lives in California, so I regularly travel between those two cities. I always get so excited for my trips to see family, of course, but also because I love to get organized and pack my suitcase! Over the years ( and through learned experience ) I have developed a system for myself when I go on my trips so I know exactly what I will need to bring to have a comfortable flight. I have tried many “hacks” on Pintrest; some worked and others, well, not so much. I’m going to be sharing some of my in flight essentials as well as practical tips that have helped me get the most of my travels. Whether your going to be traveling for two weeks or two days, hopefully you get some tips that you can take with you this holiday season!

In Flight/ Carry on Essentials

I would say these are all the main essentials for a carry on bag. I recommend using a backpack because I have found that tote bags become extremely heavy after waiting in long lines. I also think that you can fit more into a backpack because of the organizational compartments. On most flights you are allowed one carry on bag and one personal bag to fit under the seat. These are all the items I take in my personal bag to have with me at easy reach for a more comfortable flight.

Important Things

These are all the general important things for a flight. I always separate these items into different bags based on their category this way they are easy to find in my backpack when I need them.

  1. Phone
  2. Apartment keys ( I don’t bring my car keys, takes up too much space)
  3. Small Wallet ( I just take these things out of my bigger wallet )
    1. itinerary
    2. photo ID
    3. Credit card
    4. Cash
    5. Gift Cards
  4. Ipad / Mac Book
  5. Portable Charger
  6. My precious Erin Condren Planner ❤
  7. Notebook
  8. Wreck This Journal ( so much fun! )
  9. Pens
  10. Entertainment – including book, coloring book ( yes, I’m 4 ) and/or homework.
  11. Empty Water Bottle ( no liquid in order to get through security )
  12. Makeup Bag
  13. Eye Mask
  14. Change of Clothes ( Mostly if you’re switching climates )

The Toiletries

These are the toiletries that I have found I actually use on flights. On the times that I did not bring these items I wished I had them handy

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Facial Hydrating Mist ( Seriously, this is a game changer on long flights with the dry air. I love the Mario Badescu Rose Water )
  3. Chapstick
  4. Deodrant
  5. Body Mist ( Not perfume, it’s too strong )
  6. Dry Shampoo
  7. Eye Drops ( Again, because of the dry air )
  8. Ibuprofen and Tums
  9. Nail File. ( I am always breaking a nail on flights because of handling luggage so I always make sure to have this handy )
  10. Dream Water. ( if you want to sleep on the flight, they sell this stuff at CVS and AMAZING. I always pick it up when traveling. It’s awesome because it doesn’t leave you feeling groggy when you wakeup, unlike most melatonin products i’ve tried. )


The Snacks

I try to stick with High Protein, low carb foods because they fill me up for a longer period of time and don’t spike my insulin levels ( which just makes me more hungry ) Here are some snack essentials:

  1. Protein Powder ( just shake it up in your water bottle for a quick meal, I like the RAW Chocolate Protein )
  2. Protein Bars ( been obsessed with Vega One and Square Bars lately )
  3. Trail Mix
  4. Edamame
  5. Wheat Grass Shot ( gotta get those greens in )
  6. Tea ( especially peppermint to help with digestion )
  7. Vitamin C packets ( Flights are filled with bacteria, I like the Trace Minerals because it’s much more natural than Emergen-C )
  8. Hydralyte ( to stay hydrated )
  9. Papaya mints ( again, for digestion )


I put all my food in a big ziplock back and the rest of the food I don’t eat on the flight I have with me to snack on during by trip!

Now, onto the fun stuff 🙂 These are hacks that I actually do every time I travel. They may not work for everybody but they’re definitely worth trying on your next trip!

10 Hacks For Comfortable Travel

  1. Clear up your browser’s history and cache before booking your flight. After a while, websites track your search history and know the flights that you will most likely buy, so they show those at a higher price! ( so scary to me! )
  2. PLAN AHEAD! 1-2 weeks before traveling, try to use up your groceries. Write down everything you will be taking and a list of all things that you’ll need to buy. I also like to make sure that all my bills are paid, my room/ apartment is clean, and I save a bit of extra money that week. Planning ahead makes the trip much more enjoyable because you don’t have anything lingering in the back of your mind.
  3. If your bored on a flight, use the time to do mindless productive tasks that you would put off otherwise. I like to take the time to organize my phone, clear up storage on my phone and computer, and write any major papers I have coming up.
  4. Get up off your seat every hour or so to increase circulation. Even if I don’t have to use the restroom I always like to go there to freshen up  at least a few times ( this way I am not spraying that facial mist I mentioned earlier at my seat and people are looking at me like i’m crazy! )
  5. Make sure to drink ALOT of water, especially if your having coffee or alcohol on the flight. Dehydration is no joke. I learned that the hard way. It will cause breakouts, worsen jet-lag, and make you irritable. I like to fill up a 32oz empty water bottle at the airport right before the flight and I try to drink it all during the flight. Those little cups of water they give you on flights are definitely not enough to keep you hydrated!
  6. Do yoga or workout at home before the flight. I always find that if I am physically active before sitting down for so long then I am much less “antsy.”
  7. Bring an empty Starbucks to-go cup and your own tea. Starbucks lets you fill up your cup for free with hot water. It’s much better than spending a ridiculous amount of money at the airport for a tea or coffee.
  8. Use packing cubes when packing. They make your life so much easier when you need to put an outfit together and they will also save you space. If you want to get real simple, Follow the 5-4-3-2-1 rule ( 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 dresses, 2 cardigans, 1 pair of shoes. Thats  )
  9. Unscrew the lid of your liquids and put plastic wrap between the product and the lid. I can’t tell you how many times I have come off an airplane with exploded products from the cabin pressure. Also, put a binder clip over your razor to keep it fresh!
  10. Bring an empty garbage bag to put dirty clothes in, this way they are not touching the rest of your clean clothes. In addition, you can put your shoes in shower caps to prevent them from touching your clothes!


That’s all I have for today. I am so so excited to get out more content within the next month and get back to blogging. It has become such a hobby of mine and I want to thank you guys for reading and your support as I learn and grow. Hopefully you found these tips helpful. If you did, please like and/or share this post! I know traveling can sometimes be stressful but in the end, it’s all about the experience gained! 🙂

I always love to find out new tips so let me know if you have any tips and hacks you may have!

Safe Travels!

Rachel Lydia


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