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Living A Balanced Life



We all wear many “hats” and play many roles in our everyday lives. Right now, I am a Marketing Manager, Coach, Student, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Blogger, Dancer, Vegan, and more. Each of these roles requires different aspects of my personality. I’ve noticed lately that it’s easy for me to get caught up in only one or two of these roles and spend less energy on the others. Life gets un balanced when we have multiple roles demanding our attention at the same time and we give too much of our attention to one of the “roles.”

So then the question arises; How do you find balance in life?

Living a healthy lifestyle is much more than just eating healthy and exercising. In my opinion, this is the easy part. Your health as a human being means that you are taking care of yourself physically, yes, but also mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It’s easy to become out of touch with what we really need in the moment when we have so many different areas of our life we need to cater to. We eat when we feel lonely and really need a friend. We push others away when we try to “teach” too much. We isolate when we study too much. It frustrates me that in our society, it is “normal” to be stressed all the time. Our automatic answer to the question “How are you?” is 90% of the time ” Crazy Busy!” There is nothing engraved in our human DNA that says we need to live this kind of life.

I think the reasoning behind it stems from our need to get MORE! We are simply never satisfied with where we are in life. I find myself victim to this all the time. I’m not going to lie, I want my blog to get bigger. I want to make more money. I want to get a promotion. I want to get my degree. Theres nothing wrong with being ambitious. But we should not forget that being human means enjoying our lives too. That’s the main reason why we are here. Our health and well being comes before any recognition we will ever get.

So then how does one find balance ? Self awareness, I think, is the most important tool. When we are aware of what roles we are playing at all times then we have the capability to switch between them appropriately. It is only when our life goes unobserved that we fall out of balance. We must be in tune with ourselves and our intentions. Always ask yourself “Why?” Try to understand your motivations behind the task/action you are doing and you will start to recognize un observed patterns and belief systems that have been running your life and keeping you from finding balance. I think there are always two motivations behind something: Fear and Love. When you are motivated by fear, your life falls out of balance. When you are motivated by love, you are in harmony with the rest of nature and finding balance requires little to no effort; because you will instinctively know what you need at all times.

Here is an example of this kind of self reflection:

Q: Why do I spend all day and night studying at the risk of my mental and social life?

A: To get done with school fast.

Q: Why do I want to get done with school fast?

A: So I can make more money faster.

Q: What will more money give me that I don’t have right now?

A: Happiness? Security? Freedom?


There is no right or wrong answer. Everybody is different and the answers within will differ depending on the situation and belief behind it. This is why blindly following the advice of others and “the crowd” is dangerous. It’s up to us to look for the answers within ourselves. Then when we find them, we need to have the courage to act appropriately and not turn a blind eye to them. If you know you are burnt out and need rest, then rest. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Don’t complicate it. Just rest. Trust your intuition. Trust the fact that you know EXACTLY what you need at all times, because you do 🙂

For more information on ways to find balance in life and practical tips, check out my friend Skylar’s post at She has a lot of great content and I know you will love her blog!


Have a great thursday everyone.


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