5 Ways To Declutter Your Life and Clear Your Mind


Hi everyone! I was inspired to do this post about ways to organize and declutter your life because these past few weeks I noticed that I was getting a lot done, but still did not feel peace of mind. I was meditating, eating healthy, working out, but still felt a bit scatter brained and “urgent”, so to speak. I really looked at WHY I was feeling this way and what was the root of the stress. Than it hit me that there were alot of subtle things that have gone overlooked that were adding to my stress. Once I took some time to declutter these areas of my life, I felt so much better.

Here are some tips that helped me and things you can do when you feel like your life is getting a little bit chaotic. Wheather your in a rut, going through a major life change, or just feel a bit overwhelmed, applying these tips will help to clear your mind and get you on the path to new healthy habits and thought patterns. I know you will find these work just as well for you as they did for me.

Unsubscribe from junk emails

Before I did this, I literally had 15,000 un read emails in my inbox. 15,000! That’s insanity. I’ve noticed this is actually pretty common though. Without realizing it, looking at all those unread emails continually over time added much stress in my life. It was like carrying around unnecessary baggage all day. There is a website called that you can sign up for which gathers all the marketing mail coming in and allows you to mass unsubscribe. You can also keep all the marketing emails you like in one “roll up” email that gets sent to you daily. This way, you still have access to them but they’re all in one place. Genuis.

Turn off notifications on your Iphone

It’s extremely hard to find peace of mind when you have random apps beeping all the time and begging for your attention. Seriously, we don’t need to be told 24/7 how were “missing out on deals in the area” and that the crops on FarmVille are dying. The apps on your phone should only be opened when YOU feel like it, not because you are being prompted and lured in like a fish. I noticed when I turned off notifications on my phone (except for the meditation reminder) my life immediately felt more peaceful and I was less frantic.

Keep your surfaces free of clutter

Do you ever get that immediate feeling of peace when you go into a hotel room? I think part of the reason is because there is no clutter out on the countertops. It’s very open and inviting. Theres no reason your space at home should be any different. Before I did this my room looked like the clearance shelves at Marshalls. It’s like that saying, out of sight, out of mind. If you keep your countertops, table, vanity, and desk free from junk than you wont be looking at junk all day. Instead of putting your essentials out for display, just put them in a bin and store them under the sink or in a drawer in your desk. This makes your home instantly more beautiful and creates a more zen vibe which translates to a clear mind.

Do miscellaneous tasks right away

A lot of times I think of something and instead of actually getting it done, I will write it on my to do list. I noticed that doing this over time my to do list would get so long that I was discouraged from doing anything. There were the most simple tasks on there but there were so many that it would take forever to complete the entire list. The little miscellaneous tasks would get mixed in with more important time consuming tasks. If you ever think to yourself “Oh that reminds me, I have to take the trash out” Instead of writing it down, take 1 minute to actually take out the trash. Over time, you will get in the habit of getting those little things done right away and ultimately shorten your to do list.

Give all your possessions a place.

The problem with having a “catch all” space and “to be sorted” bin is that things get lost and quite frankly, never get sorted. Then when it is time to sort them, you have to carve out extra time in your day. A lot of times we buy things we don’t need only to figure out later that we had them lying around in some random drawer or bin. Create structure for yourself and give all your material possessions a place, this way there is no need for a “to be sorted” bin and things will never get lost. This goes for your phone, keys, and wallet too! When your not using them, designate a spot in your home where you put them. I’ve found this is a great system that works wonderfully at keeping things from getting lost and makes life much less stressful overall.


Even though these tips seem subtle, they definitely add up over time; trust me. There are many more things you can do to clear your mind when it comes to decluttering. I really recommend reading the book “the life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. Some of the ideas i’ve shared were inspired by that book but she goes more in depth about the benefits of tidying up your life. She even created a whole method of organizing called the Konmari method. I don’t follow her system fully because I believe we all have different lifestyles and we need to find what works for us; but it is a good read and she brings up a lot of great points.

I hope you found these tips useful! Have a beautiful day.





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