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8 Ways To Get Cozy For Fall

Cozy for fall final


I was actually thinking the other day that I don’t know exactly what it is about fall and why I get so overly excited about it. I think it’s partly because my birthday is in September and partly because fall means new beginnings; plus, the holidays are right around the corner.

Regardless of the reasons why, saying I’m obsessed with fall would be an understatement. Crisp cool air, overcast skies, crunchy leaves, lattes, sleeping in, candles, pumpkins, scarves, boots. Honestly what else is could you want in life? Unfortunately, where I live I don’t get the full experience of the autumn season. But, that doesn’t means I can’t get cozy for fall. I’m in the process of getting ready for this season and I thought I would share my process with you and give you some ideas on how you can get cozy for the fall. These are all things that anyone can do, regardless of where you live. I’m so excited because this is going to be the first post in my #HelloFall series. I’m going to be sharing fall inspired recipes, diy’s, and fashion ideas in the next few weeks! For now, here are eight ways you can prepare yourself for this gorgeous season.

 1. Get some cozy lighting

Hanging some string lights above your bed or in your room will instantly transform your room and give it a more comfy/ cozy vibe. It’s much more gentle for your eyes to read and do work in dim lighting rather than the harsh light of a lamp. I think that in the fall and winter especially where the skies tend to be overcast, hanging string lights gives the perfect amount of lighting. I love these lights from target. I have a set hanging over my bed and also in my living room by my couch.

 2. Light candles

I seriously have a candle lit 24/7 in the fall months. I don’t think there is anything more cozy than snuggling up sitting by a lit candle. My favorite place to go for cute affordable candles is Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. Bath and Body Works obviously has amazing candles for fall. I have been loving their “Pumpkin Woods” candle this year. Target has some good ones too but i noticed they can get pricey and aren’t as fragrant. Definitely go for the more warm and woodsy scents for the fall time.

 3. Switch out summer decor for fall decor

What I like to do is keep most of my home decor a neutral color with a few accent colors. This way, when I change up my decor for the seasons I only focus on changing the accent color and it still keeps same feng shui. In the summer I go with turquoise and mint colors then I switch out those colors in September for reds, golds, and browns. I also noticed that doing this saves money too because when you go to the store to buy decor, you know exactly what your looking for and what you will be switching out.

4. Create a cozy playlist

Music affects our mood so much. When I think of summer music I think of upbeat  music, then in the fall I think of more chill acoustic vibes. If you create a playlist that revolves around the current season then whenever you hear those songs it will bring you back to that time of year; and you can remember of all the fun memories you created. I love using Spotify for my playlists. I’ve been working on a fall playlist for this year,  Click Here to follow it.

5. Eat warming spices and fall foods

Summer is filled with lots of fruit, smoothies, salads, and cooling foods like mint and cucumber. A great way to get cozy for the fall is to switch out these foods with more warming foods. Foods like oatmeal, soup, chili, pasta and squash. Also, add in more warming spices when cooking/baking like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Pick up produce that that is harvested seasonally to get the best quality foods for the current season. Persimmons, apples, and figs are best in the fall!

6. Pamper yourself

I personally tend to become more of a homebody in the autumn months. I would prefer to stay home and cuddle up watching Netflix with a cup of tea rather than going out all night. In the fall especially I love to pamper myself more by taking a little extra time for self care. Do your nails, take a bath, put on a face mask. Taking a little extra time in the fall to pamper yourself will make you feel extra comfy and cozy as it gets cooler outside. Try my DIY Rose Bath Soak

7. Switch out summer wardrobe

Even though the weather doesn’t get too cold in the fall months here in San Diego, I do like to switch out my summer wardrobe for more fall inspired fashion. I love to wear more neutral colors with pops of reds and burgundy. Sweaters and flannels are a must have for this time of year. They are so comfy and casual, but still cute at the same time. You can pretty much transform any look for the fall just by adding in a scarf, boots, or a hat.

8. Get Inspired

Create a fall Pintrest board, go for a walk, look at old fall pictures from when you were young, go to a pumpkin patch. Get inspired by all the beauty that fall brings! I’ve been loving the account @cozyseasons_ on Instagram to find fall inspiration. I also use We Heart it a lot. Follow me on WeHeartIt

There is seriously so much more I could write about on ways to get cozy for fall but these are the main points and things I do every year. I hope you got some tips for getting cozy this season. Don’t forget to like and share if you liked this post! Also sign up via email so you get notified of more fall related posts.

Lastly, follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and WeHeartIt so we can share fall inspiration together.

Happy September!



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