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August Favorites

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I have been seeing so many of these “Currently” Posts lately and I love reading them! I think it’s a cool way to get to know someone a bit more and take a peek into their world, as well as get some ideas for new products to try. As August comes to an end, I wanted to share my favorite products and things I have loved this month, as well as things I have learned and hope to achieve for September. Everything I have mentioned I will have linked in the posts in case you wanted to check some of these products out.

Food – Theme for this month – CHOCOLATE EVERYTHING! I’ve been loving the Purely Elizabeth chocolate sea salt granola. Such an interesting flavor and the sea salt compliments the chocolate perfectly. I’ve also been drinking a lot of the Zico Chocolate Flavored Coconut water. It literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but it’s healthy ( kinda. ) And last for food, I have been obsessed with the Lenny & Larry’s cookies! They’re the best vegan cookies i’ve ever tried, no joke! They have so many flavors too and very widely accessable.

Tv Shows – I’m still working on finishing Grey’s Anatomy right now. I’m only on season 6! My goal was to be caught up by the time the new season came out but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I’m so addicted and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to jump on the band wagon.

Books – Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth. Seriously I think all women should read this book. It is so empowering and life changing! It basically talks about all aspects of the dieting industry and how the way we eat is the way we live our life. The book has a buddhist meditation approach to dealing with the constant struggles of being a girl in a world where “being thin” is the number one priority. It really makes you think about how much of your time and energy is being spent on trying to change yourself when you were never broken in the first place.

Music – If you don’t know Oh Wonder yet, you need to check them out. I’ve been obsessed with their album OW on spotify and listening to it on repeat. I’m so surprised i’m not tired of it yet by the amount of time I have spent listening to that album. The music is so chill and relaxing but at the same time gives you the feels. My favorite song by them is All We Do.

Apps – Currently, I have two. I’ve been using Zen Friend for my morning meditation. It’s cool because it tracks the time you spend meditation and you can look back and see your progress. Another App i’ve been loving is Un Um. I’ve been using this to plan out my Instagram pictures. It’s awesome if your trying to create a cohesive theme. It’s way better than posting something only to find that it doesn’t go with your theme then you have to delete it right away.

Beauty – Honestly, I’ve been so lazy with my makeup and beauty routine. However, I have been noticing that my skin is looking a bit dull lately so I picked up the African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask by Shea Moisture from Target. I just got two of the sample size for like two dollars each and OMG! I have noticed such a difference just by three uses so far!

Home Decor – Society 6  has been my favorite place to shop for home decor this month. It’s an addiction. If you like the bohemian/ tumblr trend you will love this website! They have everything from tapestries to throw pillows to mugs! Some items can be a bit pricey but I think it’s well worth it. Having a home that represents your style is  important for creativity and inspiration, right?

Random – I’ve been experiencing some hormonal imbalances the past year so I read up on Inositol and started taking that. It’s pretty much a B vitamin that you can buy at Sprouts or Whole Foods. Besides balancing hormones it also stimulates serotonin production and helps with anxiety and stress. It has noticeably done wonders for my stress levels, which I did not expect. There are so many other random benefits it has, click here to read more about inositol.

Goals – For the longest time I have had a bad habit of overworking myself. I put too much on my plate because I feel like if I am not doing something productive all the time I am not living with purpose, or I am wasting time. I am realizing this is only a false belief based on expectation i’ve put on myself. Rest and relaxation are extremely important. My goal for August was to be aware of this and to constantly remind myself that there is more to life than a well constructed resume.

Wishlist – First on my wishlist is a new camera lens! I’ve been getting more into photography and want a lens that produces better quality and brighter images. I’ve been looking into different brands and it seems Sigma lenses are the highest rated.  Also on my wishlist is a Beach Bike to ride around town for random errands. I think having a bike is so cute and a great way to get some extra cardio in.


Well, thats everything i’ve loved this August. I am so excited for September to see what new adventures it will bring. I hope you got some ideas for new products to try. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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Hope you have an amazing day everyone! Happy September!







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