5 Habits for a more Productive Day



Happy Friday! Another successful and productive week has gone and the weekend is finally here. I love looking back on Friday and seeing all that I have accomplished during the week. Sometimes, I’m not all that productive and the things I want to accomplish get overlooked. However, I have started a new daily routine where I included some new habits to get more done each day. I noticed a huge change in the amount of stuff I get accomplish just by implementing these 5 habits into my morning routine. I encourage you to tryout at least 2 of these habits and see how they affect your productivity level!

1. Wake up earlier.

In theory, humans are meant to go to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up when it is rising. Because of all the technology and stimulating light we have today, this is not the case anymore. The simple fact of having more hours in the day to accomplish what you need is enough to increase your productivity level. I have been waking up every day at 5:30 and now my body and sleep cycle have adjusted to this change. If your currently waking up at 10am, obviously you do not want to jump to getting up 5 hours earlier each day. Set your alarm for maybe 15-30 minutes earlier each day and work from there. The earlier you wakeup, the more time you have!

2. Workout first thing in the morning.

I read a book once about procrastination called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy ( highly recommend it! ) Pretty much, “eat that frog” means to get the most daunting task out of the way and do it first thing. Even though I do love to workout, getting to the gym is always a struggle. It’s so easy to let the day consume you and as soon as you know it, its 9pm and you haven’t done any exercise!  Just get it over with in the morning, trust me. There are many benefits to a morning workout such as increased energy, circulation, and mental clarity. All of which help in having a productive day.

3. Have a smoothie or fruit for breakfast.

The glucose in fruit provides pure, clean energy for your cells. Your cells run off glucose and these carbohydrates. I know a lot of people would rather die than give up their bacon and eggs in the morning, but I encourage you to give it a try. There are a lot of ways to incorporate fruit into your breakfast. My favorite breakfast at the moment is a smoothie bowl because there are so many options on different ways you can make them. I will have a recipe for my favorite smoothie bowl coming soon. 🙂 Even if you decide to have a less healthy lunch and dinner, at least you can feel good about knowing that your breakfast was packed full of vitamins and minerals.

4. Plan your day.

     WRITE IT DOWN! Seriously. We all have a million thoughts running through our mind and way too much to do every day. It’s impossible to grasp every thought and accomplish it all when you don’t take a step back to prioritize. Write it all down and figure out what is most important. What are the three biggest tasks you want to accomplish that day? Make a list and hang it on your mirror/wall. Or, better yet, get yourself a planner and write it in there. I always like to focus on three “must do” tasks as well as three less important tasks this way it is realistic to accomplish everything in the amount of time I have that day, but I still have room to get more done if I finish sooner.

5. Meditate.

If there is only one thing on this list that you try, meditate. It will change your life. I’m speaking from experience here. Meditation allows you to ground yourself in the present moment and focus on what is currently happening right now. It’s important to get things done, but if your always running around doing everything, your missing out on life itself. Take 15-20 minutes each morning to focus on your breath. Doing this will increase your creativity and reduce stress. You will find that all other areas of your life improve as well. Honestly, the benefits are profound and endless. I will have a list below that goes into more scientific detail about the positive affects of meditation. It would take way to long to list everything in one post.



At the end of the day, we are all human. Obviously nobody is going to do all of these things every day perfectly. There will be days when you want to lay in bed and watch netflix all day, and that’s totally okay! It’s about balance. Don’t feel like you have to get so much done all the time because I believe rest and relaxation is extremely important too. I hope you give some of these tips a try and definitely let me know if they work for you! You can find me on any of the social media platforms I have listed in my bio. I hope you all have an amazing Friday!